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Book Review: Little Green Men From Beyond the Amazon

Little Green Men From Beyond the Amazon By: Ken Floro III Genre: Sci-fi/action Rating:  Jury still out pending completion of series. Little Green Men From Beyond the Amazon (heretofore LGM) is written in the first person narrative of the main character Max, a southside park ranger whose job it is to hunt down boogey men, […]

Book Review: Run, Clarissa, Run

Run, Clarissa, Run By: Rachel Eliason Genre: YA fiction Rating: Eye-rollingly awful Run, Clarissa, Run is an after school special novel about a kid named Mary Sue Clark, later Clarissa, who is transgender.  In the first half of the novel, the main character is primarily referred to as Clark with male pronouns.  Clark is obviously […]

Author Interview: Alexandra Rowland

The amazing Alexandra Rowland of In the End fame met with me last night to discuss writing queer positively, drawer novels, wine-drinking suburban book clubs writing slash fic, a super prestigious writer’s resort in Ireland that does not yet exist, and my favorite color of Hot Wheels.       me  I just want to […]

How to be -positive

As a lot of people know, I’ve been blogging semi-regularly since 2005, but this is the first blog I’ve ever had about books and writing.  I used to blog about feminism, gender equality, breastfeeding and associated activism, women’s issues in parenting, queer issues, and sundry politics.  I gave up on it simply because after a […]

Book Review: In the End

In the End By: Alexandra Rowland Genre: Fantasy Rating: Exquisitely creative In the End begins colorfully with a clever and casual remastering of the creation fable.  The Creator in this story is a being who becomes bored with their sole companion, Void, and decides to create Stuff to take the place of Nothing.  Because this […]

I know you’re all wondering how my Sims are doing…

In the process of writing Failure to Thrive, I spent three months in front of my computer.  Three.  Months.  For several hours each day, I would glue my substantial ass to one office chair or another and write.  On most days, I wrote over two thousand words and then deleted a third to a half […]

Book Review: The Spirit of the Afterbirth and the After Birth of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of the Afterbirth and the After Birth of the Holy Spirit By: Debra G Patterson Genre: Religious (Christian) inspiration/poetry/memoir Rating: What on Earth did I just read? If The Spirit of the Afterbirth and the After Birth of the Holy Spirit were at your party, it would be that excited, charismatic woman that […]

My name is Heather McNamara and I am a Women’s Lit Author.

Maybe even a Chick Lit author.  Oh my god.  I had to admit it to myself.  This was harder than admitting I’m gay. This isn’t the way I thought I would turn out.  My whole life, I knew I would be the next author to address life’s Big Questions with low fantasy as a medium […]

Sneak Peek: Failure to Thrive

Well, here it is.  I’ve polished the first part of the book.  I’m not done yet; I’ve got mountains of pages to cover, but I’m on the home stretch.  Therefore, as promised, your first synopsis and sneak peek.  It’s an epistolary and its genre, if it has one, is Women’s lit.  Without further ado… Failure […]

This is going in my book: quotes from Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher’s syndicated column was “retired” today, wink, nudge.  For those of you not in the know, Maggie is the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, the driving force behind almost every anti-marriage equality movement out there.  She is not, however, the most vulgar opponent of marriage equality.  Resisting the temptation to make arguments […]